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This wooden board toys can easily attract kids' attention. Great color matching games for toddlers.
A seemingly simple board, there are indeed many possibilities to help your baby open mind to discover new ways of playing
It is a universal artifact for mothers, babies, and pets! Regardless of age and gender, there is always a way for your baby to have fun
Babies from pre-toddler can feel the swing with the help of parents. Babies 2-3 years old can balance the seesaw to practice body balance.
This balance board with felt layer only use indoors.
Can it be a balance board, a yoga prop, a rocker, an arch bridge, a step board, a racing track, a rocking chair, a football shot, a small table, a pet's arch, the moon?
It stimulates the vestibular system, supports the muscles responsible for the correct posture develops the sense of balance, supports the development of the sense of proprioception (deep feeling).


Size :Approx 80*30*15.5cm

Material: wooden





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