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As mothers of our 13 year old son Noah, who is dual diagnosed with autism and cerebral palsy, we struggle to find the right toys, household goods, and other products that meet his specific needs and overcome the daily challenges. Throughout the 13 years, we have found products that help him thrive with sensory, attention, physical, and educational needs but they always come with a high dollar price tag. Our MISSION is to provide products that have been successful in our home and many others at an affordable rate. As parents, we shouldn’t have to worry if we can afford a product that can help our child just because it has the special needs label.


As we start this journey, we ask that you give us feedback on products that have helped your child succeed so we can continue to grow. In sight of offering products without the typical markup price and FREE SHIPPING, we ask that you have patience when it comes to the length of time you receive the product. We strive to find a variety of the products and reality is that we use multiple suppliers with different shipping expectations.


Thank you for shopping with us,


Kalli, Caron, and Noah (KNC) 🧩

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